Executive coaching for business owners wishing to reallocate their time for profitable, creative projects and life balance

  • You head up an organization whose continued success depends on the quality of your decisions
  • Your organization has a handful of employees or a workforce in the hundreds
  • You have the authority to make the major decisions in your organization
  • You would like to confide in someone who can grasp the complexity of your organizational challenges
  • Complete confidentiality is of vital importance for you
  • You cannot receive unbiased feedback, in house,” as those within your organization factor in their own self-interest when communicating with you
  • You wish to reallocate your time, away from operation and towards creative strategic planning and personal time

If you, as the entrepreneurial CEO/owner of an organization, wish to dramatically reduce the time you devote to operations, (by reassigning that time to creative strategic planning and personal time), consider working with me. Like my current executive coaching clients, you too can steadily recreate your work life so your organization profitably grows with substantially less of your direct, day-to-day involvement. Doing so is more than usual kinds of business consulting; you must creatively transform your relationship with your personal and professional status quo and your workplace relationships. That is why it is a psychological process as well as a strategic one. I am glad to schedule a short telephone conversation (no charge) to explore what working together might look like. Contact me and we can schedule a time to find out.

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC
Masters in Adlerian Counseling & Psychotherapy
Licensed Professional Counselor
Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner
Text or call: 320-223-9481​