Although Business Coaching shares many similarities with counseling and consulting, our focus is to build upon your strengths.  This work is designed to move you more quickly towards achieving your professional and personal goals.

My Approach for Collaborative Coaching Success

My approach to executive coaching success involves strategically collaborating with you, starting with curious inquiry, listening carefully so together we may discover:
  • Your underdeveloped personal strengths
  • Your deeper life mission as well as your current goals and objectives
  • Your preferred ways of accessing your inner and outer world
  • Your possible blind spots in seeing, hearing and feeling what is internally and externally occurring
  • The ways in which your communication to others may be enhanced, to better connect and so you may be more clearly understood
 Assessments may be utilized to bring specific awareness to:
  • Your innate psychological personality type, bringing you greater self-knowledge
  • Potentially more effective styles of working so you may get more done in less time
  • How others see you, so your thinking is informed by relevant feedback
Goals are fine-tuned:
  • Based on their likelihood to move you forward in your professional life
  • Giving thought to how your goals support life balance and a rich personal life
Strategies for accomplishment of your goals are clearly defined:
  • Realistic time parameters are mutually decided upon
  • The “How To” of achievement is mapped out
  • Real-world feedback is continually evaluated and incorporated into fine tuning the goal achievement strategies
  • Milestones are well marked, acknowledged and perhaps celebrated as goals are achieved
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